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Outdoor Therapy | Vancouver Counsellors | Bonfire Counselling

Therapeutic Movement and Art

This One-on-One program offers an alternative form of self-discovery, which works well in tandem with Counselling or on its own. Sessions focus on spurring creativity and fostering a self-directed spring of inspiration. Lana’s gentle confidence and expertise lends the framework of this movement and expression based program, which offers a plethora of unique and creative outlets for clients to self-discover. Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed Sessions are available.


Bonfire Expression

Lana leads our Group-Based art, movement, and expression program, bringing these fun groups back to their earthy origins with outdoor work wherever possible. Open-Groups meet weekly or twice a week in a progressive exploration of femininity, personal culture, and the therapeutic power of sensuality. Clients are gently guided through a client-centered, movement-based expression program. These groups are diverse and dynamic: join us for cathartic, invigorating fun or supplement your counselling sessions with the visceral personal exploration that’s only possible through movement. Lana’s classes are geared toward cultivating the freedom of expression and connection while integrating the artistry of belly dance, including wild and juicy shimmies, earthy undulations, graceful arm techniques, controlled core isolations, musicality, and silk veil and improv play. This class is open level and welcoming to all shapes and ages. Come shimmy your stress off and playfully explore your mind-body connection in a non-judgemental space! Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed Sessions are available.


Mynt Condition Fitness

Our fitness training program allows for the development of a wide range of skills that set our clients up for sustained, optimized health outcomes. Our lead Fitness Consultant Garrett develops an individualized program for each client based on their goals and specializations, allowing our clients to expand their knowledge pertaining to fitness while safely and efficiently meeting client-set goals. These sessions are highly motivating, energizing, and emphasize flexibility, speed, and practical strength depending on client goals. This program works especially well when supplemented with the Whole Cuisine or Bonfire Expression programs. Clients sometimes find it useful to jump into one of these sessions immediately following a Counselling session. Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed Sessions are available.

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Whole Cuisine Program

The Whole Cuisine program is a meal prep service that tailors meal plans to sync with your lifestyle and fitness goals. Based out of Surrey, this program is operated by health and fitness professionals who develop tasty, nutrient dense foods made according to a whole food diet. We source ingredients locally in one of the many steps we take to optimize the way that our programs benefit the peoples of our community. All the meal plans developed by Whole Cuisine are approved by a BC/Canada registered dietitian, and focus on nutrient density and calorie-accountability, without compromising taste. Accessibility is also a key feature of this program- meals are available for delivery (Free within Surrey) as well as pick up. Like all the other programs at Bonfire, Whole Cuisine is client-centered, with meals designed to complement a wide variety of lifestyles. We prepare meals for all shapes and sizes, from professional athletes (we are currently working with some of the BC Lions) to busy 9-5ers who want to stay healthy.

Bonfire Counselling, by phone!

Virtual Counselling

Temporarily On Hold

1-1 Counselling sessions over Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or telephone, offered at a reduced rate.

Outdoor Therapy | Vancouver Counsellors | Bonfire Counselling

Outdoor Counselling

Temporarily On Hold

Our "Walk and Talk" Sessions highlight the capacity of the therapeutic relationship to transform in the context of nature, and movement. Through the inherently fortifying properties of exercise and the rugged beauty of the Pacific-Northwest, clients can reach new therapeutic depths in a soulful and holistic manner. Outdoor Sessions also benefit from transcending some of the social barriers that sometimes pose challenging in one-one therapy. Clients often prefer to have their first few sessions outdoors, and some like to change their Indoor Sessions to Outdoor in the event of good weather! You can also customize these sessions to make a round-trip back to the original meeting point, or walk in a direction that ends somewhere more convenient for you. These outdoor sessions are great for adults and youth. Please contact us for details on how we assure your confidentiality, and accommodate people of varying abilities, during these sessions.

Bonfire Counselling Workshops


Naloxone Training is Free // Other Workshop Prices Vary

We offer a variety of engaging, practical workshops (both indoor and outdoor) on a number of health-related topics. We are currently offering free Naloxone/overdose prevention training. Please contact Shaun at 778-928-3458 to set up a training session. You can also click the button below for a variety of other free resources, or check out for more information. 

Outdoor Therapy | Vancouver Counsellors | Bonfire Counselling

20-Minute Consultation

Temporarily on Hold

Please contact us to set up a free Phone, Facetime, Teams, or Zoom Consultation. Whether to answer a few questions, or to help you get a feel for whether our services are right for you, we are happy to help.

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