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Please note that many treatment programs have a reduced capacity to take referrals during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please contact the Adult CAIT Team at 604-675-2455 for more info.

Adult Withdrawal Management Services (Detox)

This adult detox support adults who require help with withdrawal symptoms from substance use. They offer a number of low-barrier services and support transitions to other treatment programs.


OnSite offers detox services and a transitional housing program. With a harm reduction perspective, OnSite has a number of low-barrier services to support a variety of client needs.

Young Bears Lodge

YBL offers a cultural, flexible substance use treatment program for youth ages 13-19 who identify as being aboriginal. This 4-month program offers youth opportunities to connect with their culture as well as to develop personalized treatment goals.


Alavida offers evidence-based support for people with alcohol use disorder. Their program is client-centered, non-judgemental, and utilizes skill-building and selective extinction.

PLEA Youth Addictions

PLEA offers a number of support options for youth facing issues related to substance use. PLEA offers a Detox program, treatment programs for young men and women ages 12-18, as well as a Supported Recovery program for youth under 21.

Pender Community Health Centre

Pender Community Health Centre offers a number of mental health and substance use support services, including group therapy (including Seeking Safety), counselling, and Methadone Maintenance Treatment.

Watari Youth Day Treatment Program

"At the Youth Day Treatment Program, we can help you figure out how to have a different relationship with Alcohol and Drugs that puts you in the lead. Working with young people aged 13-24, the team at the Day Program provides a safe and welcoming space to have conversations about managing stress, communicating effectively, understanding triggers, creating connections in community and expressing yourself in new ways – when is the last time you painted?" - from the Watari website

Ashnola at the Crossing

"Ashnola at The Crossing is a Provincial Tier 4 program that supports youth and young adults ages 17-24, all genders, who are in need of residential programming for substance use concerns." -from the Ashnola website

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services

This website offers an accessible list of mental health and substance use support services outside of Vancouver.

Westminster House

"Westminster House Treatment Centre for Women  is a long term residential treatment centre for women healing from addiction. Westminster House promotes and facilitates a desire for recovery. Helping women help themselves overcome addiction. The treatment program provides women with the necessary tools to trust their own ability to reclaim a drug-free existence. Westminster House teaches women how to live there life in recovery." -from the Westminster House website

Turning Point

Turning Point offers men's and women's treatment programs for people age 19 and older in Vancouver, Richmond and North Vancouver. They also have the OARS outreach team, which serves residents of Richmond. Turning Point offers a variety of supports for their clients, drawing from 12-Step, Seeking Safety, 16-Step and SMART. 

The Orchard

"The Orchard Recovery Center provides a full complement of treatment options to meet your personal needs. Flexible lengths of stay begin with our 10 day introduction to treatment, detox and stabilization,  followed by 28, 42* and 90 plus day programs to build a solid foundation for recovery. Our outpatient office in West Vancouver, online packages, Family and Alumni services, provide ongoing support for a lasting recovery." -from the Orchard website


Edgewood offers individualized, client-centered outpatient supports including an intensive outpatient program, counselling, and an aftercare/relapse prevention program.

Maple Ridge Treatment Centre

MRTC offers a 5-week and a 10-week program for men. MRTC Counsellors are trained in Motivational Interviewing and utilize a holistic bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens to treatment.

Pacifica Treatment Centre

This abstince-based program offers trauma-informed support for a variety of client needs. Offering a 28-day or 12-Week program, Pacifica utilizes one-on-one counselling, group therapy and other skill/resource building practices.

Together We Can

TWC is an abstinence-based treatment program for self-identified males. With a an emphasis on the 12-Step lens, TWC offers a number of different programs that emphasize mentorship and aftercare.

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